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Green Manures, Forage Crops & Grasses

Green Manures, Forage Crops & Grasses

green manures and forage crops

Never leave soil uncovered - its gets cold and wet and can blow away! Use Green Manures and love your soil a little bit more!

Green manures are especially suited to Ireland and the UK to help protect and improve your soil. Benefits of green manures include:

  • provide nutrients and organic matter for succeeding crops.  Red Clover can fix in the region of 200kg N per hectare per year.
  • create living space for predators, bees and other insects
  • cover bare soil, which otherwise loses fertility and structure
  • break up compacted soil
  • supply colourful flowers for house and garden
  • Click HERE for more information on green manures

By combining different green manures the results can be improved further. e.g. a legume and a non-legume, a deep and a shallow rooter, a tall green manure plant and a low growing type.

Sowing rates for all seeds/mixtures are for application by seeder. Broadcast distribution of seeds requires ca 25% more seeds.

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