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Organic Bulbs

Organic Bulbs

organic bulbs


Why grow Organic Bulbs? Conventionally produced flower bulbs are one of the most polluted crops in horticulture; so cultivating flower bulbs in an environmentally friendly manner makes a big difference. Organically produced flower bulbs are good for the environment in general and bees in particular. They are good for gardeners and flower lovers too: they last longer, produce stronger flowers and healthier bulbs that will last for several seasons.

Conventional bulbs are forced with synthetic fertilizers and sprayed with a cocktail of pesticides - the worst offender being Neonicotinoids, which is suspected to be one of the major reason for the loss of billions of bees. Neonicotinoids are absorbed by the growing plant and can be found in the flowers, nectar, and pollen. Bad news for bees

So, when you are watching the bees buzzing around your beautiful Organic Crocus and Daffodils in spring, you can rest assured that you are helping them - not harming them. 

From Hoeve Vertrouwen in North Holland Cert. Organic (NL-Bio01)

Find out more about our supplier and why you should choose organic bulbs

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