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Compostable Tomato/Cucumber clip

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Compostable Tomato/Cucumber clip

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Very useful device for the quick connection of tomato or cucumber plants to the support twine.  Available in boxes of 100 or 500 clips.  More details below.

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Compostable tomato clip - also usable with Peppers or Cucumbers

This Tomato Clip is a useful little helper for growing healthy tomatoes or cucumbers. Quick and easy to use it will gently support the plants and also eliminate the need to turn the twine around the stem. The clip is certified biodegradable and can be composted together with the jute twine.  Available in units of 100 or 500 clips.

How to use

  • Attach your twine (jute is best as it is biodegradable) around the bottom of the plant stem and up onto the overhead wire.
  • Gently put the clip around the twine and plant stem, making sure the twine is trapped in the hinge. The tomato clips work best with rough twine - smooth, thin string tends to not provide enough grip.
  • 6 -10 clips are required depending on the height of the plant.
  • Works with stems up to 20mm in diameter and features open sides to improve air circulation and reduce disease problems.
  • There is a handy quick release catch so that you can remove the clips easily.
  • The clip is certified biodegradable and can be composted together with the jute twine.

Tomato care

  • Remove the sideshoots regularly when they are about 2.5cm long. When eventually plants reach the top of the greenhouse or have set about seven trusses  remove the growing point of the main stem at two leaves above the top truss.
  • Water regularly to keep the soil/compost evenly moist. Fluctuating moisture levels can cause the fruit to split. Feed every 10-14 days with a potash liquid fertiliser. Irregular watering can lead to blossom end rot.
  • Removing some leaves above the ripening truss (which allows the fruit to be warmer during the day but cooler at night) can encourage slightly earlier ripening without negatively affecting cropping. Removing leaves can also help stop the spread of disease.


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