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Bentonite Clay

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Bentonite Clay

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Bentonite Clay is a soil additive for the improvement of light, sandy soils. Approximately 60% montmorillonite. Approved for use in Organic Agriculture  EG-OEKO-VO.  More details below.

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Soil improver with a high content of easily convertible silicic acid and other minerals that are essential for maintaining soil fertility and preventing trace nutrient deficiencies.

Particularly suitable for improving the binding and nutrient availability of lighter, more permeable soils.

  • Soil conditioner, especially for light sandy soils.
  • Natural calcium bentonite that stores water and nutrients.
  • When added to sandy soil, this light clay swells up, almost jelly-like and stops the soil from drying out. Unlike heavy clays, bentonite doesn't form lumps, so plants roots have no trouble obtaining moisture from their surroundings.
  • Excellent for adding to soils in container plants.
  • Improves the water balance of light soils and protects the plants from dehydration.
  • Promotes soil fertility by forming stable clay-humus complexes.
  • High content of easily convertible silica and minerals.
  • A light sprinkling several times a year over the soil, supplements and revitalizes the garden.
  • High nutrient storage capacity, improves the efficiency of fertilizers.


  • Light soils 150g - 300g m², medium soils 100g - 150gm², heavy soils 100g - 50 g  m², approx. 5 cm deep.
  • Sprinkled in layers on compost it helps breakdown material into humus.

Bentonite Clay - approved for use in Organic Agriculture  EG-OEKO-VO

Available in 4kg and 15kg bags.

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