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Diatomaceous Earth

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Diatomaceous Earth

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Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring siliceous sedimentary mineral compound, made from microscopic fossilised remains of algae-like plants called Diatoms.  It is very useful for pest control and is available as food grade and pest/garden grade. 1kg packets.  Approved for use in organic situations.  More details below.

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Diatomaceous Earth

Diatoms occur in virtually every environment that contains water. This includes not only oceans, seas, lakes and streams, but also soil. It is believed that 30 million years ago the diatoms built up into deep, chalky deposits of diatomite. The diatoms are mined and ground up to render a powder that looks and feels like talcum powder to us. This powder can have an abrasive feel, similar to pumice powder, and is very light as a result of its high porosity.

All food grade should be fresh water sourced as ours is.  Product of Peru.

What can Diatomaceous Earth be used for?

Pest control

To insects, DE is a lethal dust with microscopic sharp edges that cut through their protective covering and dries them out. One of the benefits of diatomaceous earth for insect control is that the insects are not able to build up a resistance to it. Diatomaceous earth will not harm the worms or any of the beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Can be used against slugs, aphids, flies, maggots and caterpillars, ticks, vine weevils, flea beetles, ants etc

In the garden DE may be applied as a dust with a dust applicatorAlways wear a dust mask.  A great time to do the dust application is right after a light rain or in the very early morning when the dew is upon the foliage as it helps the dust to stick well to the foliage.

It can also be applied wet. The wet spray method does work but only after the liquid has dried. Mix from 2-4 tablespoons per 5 litres of water and spray on the lawn, shrubs, plants, tree trunks or building foundations. When the mixture dries, it has the same dehydrating powers as the original dry dust. When sprayed wet the material covers the foliage and other surfaces better than dusting dry, thus giving better insect control. It seems to last longer when applied wet but the dry application is usually more effective at killing insects quickly. Diatomaceous Earth has no insect killing power while it is wet.

In the home it can be used to control fleas and bed bugs.

For animals

Diatomaceous earth is very useful for flea and tick control in cats and dogs.

  • Apply the DE lightly on your pet’s coat, as well as on bedding and carpeting. It can take three days for it to do its work, so leave it in any carpeting for at least that long before vacuuming.
  • Taken internally, DE can rid dogs of roundworms, whipworms, pinworms and hookworms – thoughit is less effective against tapeworms – within a week of daily feeding. It should be fed for at least a month in order to kill hatching eggs and worms moving in and out of the stomach.
  • Particularly good for chickens as it will kill mites and lice.  Sprinkle in areas where the chickens take dust baths and mix with feed.  Will kill internal parasites as well as adding a good source of calcium to their diet.

For humans

A natural silica-rich detoxifying agent, Diatomaceous Earth kills parasites and viruses that contribute to illnesses while also helping to clean the blood and build healthy bones. Silica also helps eliminate heavy metals such as aluminium from the body, making it perfect for a deep detox.


– Improved Joint and Ligament Health
– Helps prevent Low Bone Mass (osteoporosis)
– Detoxification and Removal of Heavy Metals
– Better Liver and Colon
– Function Healthier Skin, Hair and Nails
– Improved Digestion
– Helps lessen menopause symptoms

How much Diatomaceous Earth do I take?

Take 1-2 tablespoons per day mixed in some kind of liquid or food, such as yogurt,  juice or porridge for 30 consecutive days. Then every third or forth day after that. There is no unpleasant taste. Since it will not dissolve, stirring several times while drinking will prevent settling.

Some people experience higher energy levels, so it is probably better not to take it just before bed.

Diatomaceous Earth is a very fine powder.  Always use a dust mask when using this product

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