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Organic Fritillaria meleagris

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Organic Fritillaria meleagris

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Organic Fritillaria Meleagris is instantly recognizable by its distinctive snakes-skin markings. Pack of 10 bulbs.  More details below.Organic Fritillaria meleagris




Organic Fritillaria Meleagris are the most unusual of the spring flowers.  These charming wildflowers are protected in the wild and rarely seen in their native meadow habitats.  They have very distinctive chequered purple flowers.  Fritillaria Meleagris prefers the damp environments of traditional meadows and pastures.  They are ideal for a woodland garden and will naturalize well.

All of our supplies come from cultivated stock.

Up until the beginning of the 20th century, meadows of fritillaries were common around Britain but many of these areas were seriously affected during the “Ploughing for Victory” campaign of the Second World War.

Ten bulbs per pack.

Organic Fritillaria Meleagris planting instructions -

Height: 30cm
Spread: 10cm
Time to plant: September to November, 15cm deep.
Flowering: March/April
After flowering feed with a balanced fertiliser, dead-head and allow the leaves to die back naturally.

Certified Organic NL-Bio -01

From Wikipedia -

The name Fritillaria comes from the Latin fritillus meaning dice-box, possibly referring to the chequered pattern on the flowers.  The name meleagris means "spotted like a guineafowl". The common name "snake's head" probably refers to the somewhat snakelike appearance of the nodding flower heads on their long stems.   Its common names include snake's head fritillary, snake's head (the original English name), chess flower, frog-cup, guinea-hen flower, guinea flower, leper lily (because its shape resembled the bell once carried by lepers), Lazarus bell, chequered lily, chequered daffodil, drooping tulip.

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