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Hemp Mat for Growing Microgreens

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Hemp Mat for Growing Microgreens

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Hemp mats are ideal for growing microgreens, sprouts and wheatgrass. They are made of 100% natural hemp fibre, creating a biodegradable soilless growing medium with high water retention. 

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Hemp Mats for growing microgreens

Hemp Mats are perfect for growing microgreens and micro herbs. They consist of fully compostable, 100% natural hemp fibre with high water retention and an airy structure. It allows a fast and clean growing method on soilless growing medium.

All you need to do is cut the hemp mats to your preferable size, for examle for a seed tray. Before you sprinkle your seeds on the mat you might need to soak them, depending on which variety you choose. You should also soak your mat in water 2 to 3 hours prior to planting. Once you put your mat into the tray, cover it with the seeds but spread evenly.

Keep the tray in darkness for first 1-3 days depending on the seeds, after that you should place your seeds in direct sunlight or a well lit place, for approximately 8-10 hours per day and remember to keep them moist by spraying them several times a week.

Matting can be bought as a roll of 15 m x 1 m or 1m x 1m

Made in Holland

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