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1kg Lepinox Bacillus Thurengiensis

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1kg Lepinox Bacillus Thurengiensis

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BACILLUS THURENGIENSIS (BT) is one of the oldest and well known biological control agents.  Will control caterpillars. 1kg box.

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Lepinox Plus is a biological insecticide for the control of caterpillars (Lepidopteran pests) on a range of fruit, vegetable, salad, herb and field crops.

Lepinox Plus contains 37.5% Bacillus thuringiensis spp kurstaki with a potency of 32,000 I.U. of formulated product.

Formulation Type: Wettable Powder
Control: Caterpillars, larvae of Lepidopterous pests.
Crops: Apple, pear, hops, wine grapes, strawberry, broccoli/calabrese, Brussels sprout, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, lettuce celery, radish, endive, herb, chicory, courgette, dwarf French bean, globe-artichoke, spinach, spinach beet, winter squash & pumpkin, aubergine, pepper, tomato, melon, watermelon, combining pea, kale and turnip.
Application Method:

Add half the required water to sprayer. Then add the required amount of Lepinox Plus before adding the remaining water whilst agitating the mix constantly to disperse the powder evenly. Apply to leaf surfaces where the caterpillars are actively feeding. Aim to have the leaves wet as possible without runoff. For best results, apply at a cool time when it is overcast (10-20°C). The bacteria is originally a soil dwelling organism so does not favout bright and dry conditions. Heavy rain soon after application will wash off the product before caterpillars have a chance to ingest it so do not apply if heavy rain is forecast.

Application Rate:  Up to 1kg/ha in 400-1500L water. 1g per L. Multiple applications may need to be made during the hatching period at 7-10 day intervals to a maximum of 3 treatments. Monitor crop closely to determine.

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