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Organic Herb Mix for Grassland

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Organic Herb Mix for Grassland

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1kg mixed herbs for enriching grassland. 83% organic seed. More details below.

Seeding Rate:    1kg/acre



1kg Mixed Herbs.  83% Organic seed.

Can be used for a herb lawn with Sheep Fescue, 80% Fescue and 20% Herbs

Content -  * organic

  • 20% coriander *
  • 4% Birdsfoot clover *
  • 17% caraway *
  • 4% parsnip
  • 12% common fennel *
  • 3% red clover *
  • 11% salad burnet
  • 2% parsley
  • 8% marigold *
  • 2% black medic
  • 5% ribwort *
  • 1% meadow sage *
  • 5%  yarrow
  • 1% Burnet

Advantages -

  • Herbs contain a wide variety of minerals and trace elements which are important for the reproductive system and the general thriving of animals.
  • This is a very interesting and rich mix of 14 varieties which is very palatable to stock.
  • Even if available only in very small amounts they increase the overall value of the diet considerably.
  • Strip seeding near fence recommended.
  • Sow March-September.
  • Seed rate 1kg/acre.
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