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Organic Landsberger Mix (Westerwolds Ryegrass)

Organic Landsberger Mix (Westerwolds Ryegrass)

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The ultimate in winter green manure. Landsberger Mix contains Hungarian Vetch, Crimson Clover and Westerwolds Ryegrass. Deep rooting, nitrogen fixing, prolific growth and excellent ground cover. Sow until mid October. More details below. Organic landsberger mix winter green manure.


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Landsberger Mix 100% organic

Sow until October     60-70 kg/ha:     25-27 kg/acre:  25-27kg    1kg covers: 160-180m2

Landsberger mix contains -

  • Vetch (Vicia pannonica).
  • Crimson Clover.
  • Westerwold Ryegrass.

Crimson Clover - A good ground cover that will help with weed suppression, it is quick and easy to grow. It can take a degree of frost but even if it does die back the winter roots are beneficial. Good nitrogen fixer. Suits most soils especially useful in sandy ones. Great feed value.

Vetch - Masses of growth here and nitrogen too. Good weed suppressor and lots of organic matter. Very good feed value.

Westerwold Rye Grass - This is an annual form of ryegrass which is very fast to establish and produce forage. It is a very good N lifter and is very quick to make a large root mass making it suitable as a green manure. It effectively seeks out and mops up nitrate in soil.

Benefits of Landsberger Mix:

  • Provides large quantities of fresh and dry matter.
  • Excellent feed value.
  • Good root structure.
  • Good ground cover.
  • It has an above-average capacity for humus production and leaves the soil in excellent condition.
  • The growth can be grazed, used as fresh feed, ensiled or left as a mulching cover crop.

All cover crops should be either tilled in, (mulch)mowed low to the ground, or smothered by (organic) mulches before they go to seed.

How to sow green manures:

  • Prepare a reasonable seed bed.
  • Broadcast or drill seeds. If you have a large area to cover it is a good idea to divide the seed and the land into 4 parts to avoid running out of seed.
  • Rake, roll in and water if soil is dry.
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