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Organic Red Clover 2 Year Silage Ley 2.1

Organic Red Clover 2 Year Silage Ley 2.1

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A vigorous two year red clover ley for use as silage or feed. 70% Organic. More details below.

Seeding Rate:     40kg/ha     16kg/acre




Two Year Organic Red Clover Ley SemoPur2.1

The wide range of varieties produces a dense sward with high yields and excellent fodder quality. Can be used in moist conditions as long as drainage conditions are good. 70% Certifed Organic.

Typical contents of SemoPur 2.1 mix:

Red Clovers 25%

  • Tetraploid 10%
  • Diploid 15%

Tall Grasses 75%

  • Italian Ryegrass 35%
  • Perennial Ryegrass 30%
  • Hybrid Ryegrass 10%

Click here for specific ingredients of SemoPur 2.1.

If you have any questions please ring Elmer on 02750710 for more information.

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