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Strulch (2x 150l bags)

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Strulch (2x 150l bags)

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Attractive straw based mulch with many uses in the garden. Used at Blarney Castle and Glenveagh National Park.

Price below is for 2 x 150ltr bags. More details below.

Very economic as full pallet with 48 bags of 150ltr: €550 including delivery. Please ring 027 50710 to discuss your requirements.



'STRULCH ' is the 'new word' for garden mulch! A new, unique product made from wheat straw. A patented process is used to preserve the straw so that it lasts up to two years. It has a neutral pH, an earthy brown colour and is perfectly suitable to be used on borders or raised beds, in fruit plantations or vegetable plots. Here are the main advantages:

  • STRULCH reduces weed growth by 95% - less time required for weeding
  • plants grow healthier and stronger without competition from weeds
  • STRULCH helps retain moisture around plants
  • while it breaks down it adds organic matter to the soil
  • STRULCH is made from renewable resources (straw)
  • Used in Blarney Castle Gardens and at Glenveagh National Park.

One 150 ltr bag of Strulch covers 4.5m2 for up to 2 years!

Very economical as a full pallet with 48 bags of 150ltr: €545 including delivery. Please ring 027 50710 to discuss your requirements

Strulch is manufactured in Britain, entirely from locally sourced quality wheat straw with added iron minerals. The patented process stabilises and colours the straw producing and easy-to-use garden mulch. For use on borders, raised beds, around cultivated fruit and on vegetable plots. Leave on beds for more than one year or work into the soil at the end of the season to improve soil structure and drainage. Please note that Strulch darkens with age when spread or in the bags to produce an earthy brown colour.

Remove existing weeds and spread around established plants and shrubs to a depth of 3-4 cm on bare soil.  The 150 litre bulk bags will each cover up to 4.5 square meters. Water the mulch to fix it in place, leave space around woody stems.

Wear gloves when handling. The packed product may contain traces of iron which will be absorbed by the straw after spreading. Keep away from sources of ignition when dry.

The physical properties of Strulch, together with the embedded minerals discourage slugs and snails.

Strulch inhibits weed germination and growth by blocking out light. The mineralisation process inhibits the rate at which the straw breaks down and depending on the application rate and local conditions, can act as an efficient barrier to light for up to two years.

Mulching is widely recommended as good gardening practice. It reduces water loss from evaporation especially during summer months.

Strulch is biodegradable and will break down over time, adding valuable organic matter and nutrients to the soil. N – 0.6%, P2O5 – 0.2%, K2O – 1.6% percentage dry matter, plus calcium, magnesium and iron (0.75%) and organic acid preservative. Strulch encourages earthworm activity by acting as a long term food source for surface feeding species.

Strulch is made from renewable and local resources which do not harm the environment and Strulch is verified for use in organic growing systems.


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Would recommend.
Very pleased with the strulch so far and happy we can collect our order from the Fruithill Farm warehouse in Colomane, makes it very easy. Review by Jennifer / (Posted on 07/07/2019)
Great product but....
Fantastic product although I think the lasts 2 years claim is being slightly ambitious. The delivery cost is also very high preventing us ordering more. Will consider switching to a different product next year as a result. Review by Darren / (Posted on 11/06/2019)
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