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Pyrethrum Concentrate

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Pyrethrum Concentrate

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250ml Pyrethrum concentrate, controls a wide range of harmful pests including aphids, whitefly, greenfly, spider mites, mealy bugs, scale insects, leaf hoppers and thrips. More details below.

For professional growers we have 5EC in 1L available, please ring at 027-50710



250ml Pyrethrum Concentrate.

Pyrethrum is an extract from the flowers of the white marguerite Chrysanthemum cineraiaefolium. It is an important natural agent in the fight against all pernicious insects in your house and your garden.

  • Active ingredient content 4.59 g/l pyrethrins, i.e. 18.36 g/l natural pyrethrum
  • Concentrate to control aphids, spider mites, white fly, thrips, scale bugs, wool bugs, mealybugs, cicadas, sitka spruce bugs
  • Suitable for a wide variety of ornamental plants, vegetables and fruits
  • Also effective against biting insects like cater pillars, beetles and sheet wasps larvae
  • Works against mature insects, their larvae and their eggs
  • Low toxicity to bees
  • Suitable for use in gardens and on allotments
  • Certified for organic use


  • Makes up to 25 L of spray solution. Please see packaging for insect specific dose rates
  • Spray plants and undersides of leaves until dripping wet
  • Three day waiting period before the harvest of fruit and vegetables is preferable; seven days for protected crops


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