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Sembdner 1 Row Seeder K1

Sembdner 1 Row Seeder K1

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A unique little seeding machine from the seeder specialists Sembdner. More details below.



Sembdner 1 Row Precision Seeder K1

As opposed to broadcast sowing, row sowing has the advantage that plants can develop better. as the plants have more space and light. A higher yield is got from strong plants that can develop to their potential.

  • The Sembdner Seeder has a proven sowing technique at same distance and constant depth.
  • Pre-ploughing a seed furrow is not required because the sowing coulter performs this job. Moreover, the sowing coulter takes care of wind-protected seed drop.
  • This seeder comes with 2 seeding shafts each with 3 different size holes, so there are 6 hole size options with this seeder.
  • The seeds are picked up by holes in the sowing shaft that passes through the seed box scoop chamber, which is driven via the two running wheels.
  • Adjustment is made by moving the sowing shaft over in the wheels and by turning the brush gate upward or downward according to the kind of seeds, their size and the desired sowing quantity.
  • The seed furrows are ploughed by the coulter and the seed falling in is being covered with soil again.
  • The wheel track marks the next row.
  • The seed drill is all-metal, of rugged design, galvanised and therefore indestructible and easy to use.
  • From the operational point of view, small seed drills have the advantage that work can be done in an upright position and easy on the back.
  • Handle not supplied. Click HERE to see suitable handles
  • Made in Europe.
Technical data K1
Weight 1 kg
System 2 Sowing shafts
No of rows 1
Grain spacing 2.6 to 5.5 cm
Drop height protected from the wind 6 cm
Sowing depth from 0 to 3 cm
Container capacity 250 ml
Specific feature 2 sowing shafts for various seed sizes
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