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Brussels Sprouts Groninger

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Brussels Sprouts Groninger

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Traditional winter vegetable  - hardy.  Make sure not to over-cook and these will soon become your favourite winter veg!

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Brussels Sprouts Groninger

  • Sow from the middle of April in a seed bed and plant out six weeks later.
  • A second early variety of Brussels Sprout ready to harvest in autumn, giving you great tasting medium sized sprouts from the first frost right the way through winter.
  • The perfect accompaniment to your Christmas dinner.
  • Good size sprouts and excellent flavour.

100 seeds Cert. Org.(GB-ORG-6)

Cooking Sprouts

Wash and trim spouts before cooking.  Making sure that all your spouts are roughly the same size will ensure the best results.  Some people put a cross on the bottom but there is no need - just watch the cooking time whichever method you chose.  Ten minutes is often enough - check as they are cooking to ensure crisp sprouts that will be eaten.  Bear in mind that sprouts will carry on cooking after they have been removed from the heat.  Overcooking will render sprouts watery and soft, and they then develop a strong flavour and odour that some dislike.  Overcooking sprouts makes them smell like rotten eggs due to the high levels of sulforaphane they contain.

Sauteed sprouts

This is an excellent way to enjoy Brussels sprouts. Cooking them in a large flat pan just doesn't seem to break down the compounds in the sprouts the same way that boiling, steaming or braising does.

Prepare your sprouts then using a pan big enough to hold the sprouts in a single layer, heat some olive oil. Add the sprouts to the hot oil stirring all the while to coat the sprouts.  Cook the sprouts until they're browned, but not burnt, stirring every so often. It'll take 10 to 15 minutes to cook them.  Season with a bit of salt and pepper, and they're ready to serve.

Sauteed sprouts can very easily be customised.  Try frying garlic and finely chopped onions or mushrooms with them - or any other chopped vegetable.  Seseme seeds and soy sauce are a lovely additional. Bacon or Tempeh can also be fried in there with the sprouts.  Serving with a covering of grated cheese also raises the dish to a whole new level.


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