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Celloclim Polytunnel Plastic

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Celloclim Polytunnel Plastic

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Excellent quality tunnel plastic.  Celloclim consistsof a 3-layer film with micro-bubbles in the middle layer. This innovation provides better thermal insulation and allows the regulation of the internal temperature during the day.   Fast delivery!

Available widths  10.5mt  - €19.80 per running mt 12.5mt  - €22.60 per running mt, 15mt  - €24.50 per running mt.  All prices plus delivery.

Please call us on 02750710 to order this product or get a quote.



Celloclim Polytunnel Plastic

Celloclim is a unique 3-layer opaque film with micro-bubbles in the middle layer.

Advantages -

  • 200 micron plastic.  Will last many years.
    how to clad your polytunnel
  • Offers the best thermal insulation during the night.
  • Has a cooling effect when days are warm.
  • Will give excellent growing conditions particularly where scorching has been a problem.
  • Celloclim has outstanding light distribution.
  • Celloclim is UV stable.
  • Opaque.
  • Made in France
  • Please ring us on 02750710 or email for a quotation.

To measure up for your plastic you need two measurments-  

  • Width -  All the way over the hoop plus 2mt for burying.
  • Length - Length plus two heights

Prices -

Width    Price per running metre
  10.5mt €19.80 + delivery
12.5mt €22.60 + delivery
15mt €24.50 + delivery


The micro-bubbles ensure the cooling effect. This is the result of the reflection and diffusion of light on and through the film, and of the absorption of short wave infared light rays by the film. This reduces the greenhouse effect. The advantages are a smaller water loss and  better photosynthesis, which improves the quality and the yield of the crops.
EVA or thermal minerals ensure a high thermal efficiency. Loss of heat from the greenhouse to the air is reduced. During the day, sunlight enters the greenhouse and warms the internal air and the soil. During the night, the greenhouse gets colder and the heat stored in the soil is released.
By spreading solar rays, a diffusing film is the best choice for crops sensible to direct light or high crops by avoiding shadows. Photosynthesis is optimized and burns are reduced. The film looks hazy but the light received by the plant remains the same. Celloclim has outstanding light distribution


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