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Dolomite Lime

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Dolomite Lime

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Dolomitic lime is manufactured by crushing dolomite limestone down to very small pieces. Dolomite lime works to increase the pH levels of acidic soil.

As well as calcium carbonate, dolomite lime also contains magnesium carbonate. Typically, the mineral is comprised of approximately 55% calcium carbonate and 35% magnesium carbonate with the remainder being other materials. 

Approved for use in organic agriculture.

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Dolomite Lime - 55% calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and 36% magnesium carbonate (MgCO3)

Dolomite originates in the same sedimentary environments as limestone - warm, shallow, marine environments where calcium carbonate mud accumulates in the form of shell debris, fecal material, coral fragments, and carbonate precipitates.

Grain size: 0.3-1 mm

General application rate: 100-150g / m2

For most soils, a pH value between 6 and 7 is optimal. For annual compensation - light soils 6-8kg/100m², medium clay 8-13k g/100m², hard clay 12-18kg/100m² When composting sprinkle about 10 kg / m³ of compost material.

  • When it comes to raising and balancing the pH of your soil, both calcitic and dolomite lime are effective. However, unlike calcitic lime, dolomite lime also contains large amounts of magnesium. Magnesium is an essential mineral for healthy soil.
  • Magnesium deficient plants are often yellower, have shorter root systems, and produce noticeably lower yields than plants grown in healthy soil.
  • If you have any doubt as to the magnesium levels in your soil then carry out a soil test.
  • Neutralizes acids in soil that would get out of hand without liming from degradation and leaching.
  • Activates soil life and eliminates soil exhaustion. Will increase the activity of micro-organisms in the soil and consequently improve fertility
  • Loosens heavy soils and makes them easier to work. With the right lime content in the soil, the other nutrients become fully effective because water air and heat circulation are optimal.
  • Regular liming will help reduce the moss on your lawn as the drainage is improved and the soil life stimulated.
  • Approved for use on organic holdings subject to approval from your certification body.
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