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Felco No. 31

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Felco No. 31

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An anvil pruner like no other. Felco at its best.  More details below.



The Felco 31 is an anvil model secateur.

  • The cutting blade cuts the branch on an 'anvil'.
  • It has comfortable, light, sturdy, non-slip handles made of forged aluminium with al ifetime guarantee.
  • The cutting blade is made of high-quality hardened steel.
  • Screw-mounted easily adjustable anvil is made from brass.
  • As usual with these Swiss made secateurs from Felco all parts can bereplaced.
  • Handles are forged from robust aluminum alloy and are ergonomically shaped
  • .Recommended cutting capacity is 2.5cms.
  • Length 20cms, weight 227 gm

With anvil pruners the blade moves freely through the material without resting against an opposite blade or similar. At the end of the cut, the blade's cutting edge is resting on the anvil. The anvil is made of a material softer than the blade, so that the blade is not damaged when it meets the anvil.  On an anvil pruner, proper cutting is assured even if the blade swerves slightly to the left or right during cutting. As long as the blade meets the anvil at the end of the cut and fits tightly against it, the material is separated.

For a bypass pruner, the blade must always fit tightly against the opposite blade, or the material will not be cut through.For this reason, the blades of anvil pruners can be ground thinner than those on bypass pruners. The thinner a blade is ground, the less the width of the split it makes in the material and accordingly the lower is the force required for cutting. Due to their thinner blades, anvil pruners are cutting easier than bypass pruners. This makes them particularly well suited to cutting thick branches and hard wood.

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