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Herfomyc - Herbaceous Plants

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Herfomyc - Herbaceous Plants

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Herfomyc stimulates healthy growth of herbaceous crops especially used in crops where fungi or moulds have known to be a problem. For woody plants, use Mucofol. More details below.

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What is HERFOMYC? It is a Biological Crop Care product for agriculture, horticulture, gardens and parks, in herbaceous crops: it stimulates and strengthens the plants and makes them less susceptible to pests and diseases.

Why HERFOMYC? Herfomyc can be used on crops where there has been a problem with moulds or fungi in the past, such as:

  • Blight (Phytophtera)
  • Leaf Spot Disease
  • Powdery mildew
  • Downy mildew
  • Black Spot
  • Rust
  • Dollarspot
  • Snowmold
  • Red Board

Composition: HERFOMYC is a highly concentrated composition of specific herbal concentrates, based on water.

Mode of action: The ingredients have an indirect effect on pests and diseases. Foliar fungi will be inhibited in their development as the plants develop an increased resistance and vitality.

HERFOMYC is absorbed by the leaves and the soil. Due to the root stimulating and nutritional ingredients roots, leaves and soil develop an increased resistance.

Application: We recommend to apply the product as a preventative, especially when there is a history of fungal disease. Even when damage and deterioration is detected, the product can, in consultation with your advisor, still be successfully applied.

For best results HERFOMYC liquid should be watered/sprayed in dry, overcast weather conditions. Do not apply in bright sunshine. Repeat application necessary after approximately 14 days.

Application Rate: 100ml HERFOMYC (L) per 5 ltr of water will cover 100m2.  1 litre diluted with 50litres water will cover 1000m2

Herfomyc: For use in organic crops: EG-834/2007,EG-889/2008  EU allowed: Control Union certificate No. C813748INP-01.2012

Exclusively distributed by Fruit Hill Farm


New recipe Blight Prevention Spray - No copper

The following ingredients will have to be mixed on the farm before spraying, they are compatible:

                       10L    of Herfomyc/ha                  €161.80/20L (no VAT)
                       0.2L of Humisol/ha                      €27.91/L +VAT                      

Herfomyc is a highly concentrated composition of specific herbal concentrates, it  stimulates healthy growth of herbaceous crops - especially useful in crops where fungi or moulds have known to be a problem.

Humisol is an ouderless liquid with a low alkaline reaction which is gained from bio-humus, the product of the treatment of cow dung by means of the red Californian worm. It is a completely safe product approved for use in organic agriculture as a stimulant/fertiliser. It has high fungicidal and bactericidal features due to presence of highly available trace elements like Copper and Zinc.
The preparation improves the photosynthesis of the leaves, it has a positive effect on the growth and the development of the plants. Much increased yields have been noticed.

For more info you can ring Elmer on 027 50710.

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