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SHW 'Iltis' Medium Weight Felling Axe (1200g), Ash Handle

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SHW 'Iltis' Medium Weight Felling Axe (1200g), Ash Handle

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High quality felling axe "Iltis" made in Germany. Comes with with 800mm ash handle. 1200g.



'Iltis' Medium Weight Felling Axe (1200g ) with Ash handle from SHW

This high quality axe has a sharp, thin blade (or "bit") and slowly tapered head in order to cut across the wood grain as deeply as possible with every stroke.

  • 800mm long ash handle
  • 1200g bit
  • Blade width 145mm
  • Through a fully hardened blade the edge receives a particularly high edge retention and guarantees a exceedinlgy long lifespan.
  • Greater cutting power with less application of force. More ergonomic and efficient working.
  • The thin, springy blade absorbs the bending forces on every impact. This significantly reduces the risk of breaking and correspondingly extends the life.
  • Outstanding cutting characteristics thanks to first class Chrome-molybdenum stainless steel alloy
  • The design of this type of axe is possible only by using this high-grade special steel. Even at low temperatures, this steel remains viscoplastic, thereby allowing continuous use in extremely cold weather and on all types of hardwood.
  • From the cutting edge to the eye, the blade is forged uniformly thin and carefully hardened.
  • Made in Germany
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