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KALDET 270 Natural wood stain (interior)

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KALDET 270 Natural wood stain (interior)

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A safe transparent wood stain which enhances the natural appearance of wood while providing long lasting protection. Available in range of colours. 0.75lt.  More details below.

For advice regarding your painting or wood project call us on 02750710. Colours not in stock can be ordered

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Natural Interior Wood Stain

A natural transparent wood stain which is decorative and water resistant. Beautiful, safe and colourful product for wooden toys. Suitable for all interior solid wood as well as veneers, OSB and plywoods. Gives a protective surface layer without penetrating deep into the wood. As such, it is best to prime solid timber with Dubno 261 Penetrating Priming Oil.

Ingredients - Linseed oil - stand oil - natural resin ester, linseed oil, titan dioxide, mineral pigments, chalk, linseed oil – stand oil, castor oil – stand oil, dehydrated castor oil, soya lecithin, linseed oil – wood oil – stand oil, silicic acid, micronized wax, orange oil, pine oil, Isoaliphates, alumina, dehydrated amino sugar, and drying agents free of lead (Co, Mn, Zr, Ca). Note: The following colours do not contain orange oil and are therefore also suitable for those who are sensitive to terpenes:  002 clear, 012 spruce, 022 boxwood, 032 pine, 052 brazil, 056 sea buckthorn, 076 oak, 113 green, 116 lime, 122 ultramarine blue, 124 country blue, 126 corn flowers, 134 lilac, 202 white, 203 light, 416 blood orange.

Tin size 0.75lt. (Also available in 2.5lt). We only stock a limited range of colours - please contact us on 02750710 if you want a particular colour or larger volume ordered.

For Kaldet 270 Colour Chart, please click HERE.

Applying Wood Stain

Coverage - 1 undiluted litre is sufficient for approximately 15 to 30 m². This could be considerably less depending on the surface condition and the absorbency of the wood. A test coat is always recommended!.

Preparation - Surface must be dry (wood moisture content below 15%), solid, finely sanded (180 grain), absorbent, clean and free of resin and dust. Solid woods should be primed with Dubno 261 penetrating oil.

Application method - Apply by brush at temperatures above 12 °C and in dry conditions. Subsequent coats can be applied after approximately 24 hours. At higher temperatures, please consider shorter drying times and re-brush sooner. Drying time at 23 °C and 5% relative humidity 12 –24 hours. Can also be sprayed. For technical data and more specific application advice please click HERE.

Cleaning  - Clean equipment immediately after use with SVALOS Thinner No. 222

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