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Mustard Red Giant

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Mustard Red Giant

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Easy-to-grow oriental salad leaf.

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Chinese Mustard Red Giant

  • Easy-to-grow oriental salad leaf will lift your cooking to a whole new level. Add sparingly to lettuce leaf mixes, scatter on pizzas for some extra bite, or use in a spicy stir-fries.
  • Very attractive plant (can be used in the flower garden) with large, red-tinged leaves intensifying to deep burgundy purple in cold weather.
  • The flavour gets hotter and more mustardy as plants mature, so for a milder taste pick leaves young. Harvest the leaves at any size.
  • Mustard seeds can be sown practically year round.
  • Plant little and often, every two weeks for continuous supply.
  • Sow sparingly in shallow drills. Space seeds 2.5cm apart for cut-and-come-again salad or 20/25cm for whole plant production
  • Mustard greens are primarily a cool season vegetable and are at their peak in late spring to early summer.
  • Hot weather causes the plants to bolt and their greens to turn unpleasantly bitter.

500 seeds Cert. Org (GB-ORG-6)


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