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Organic Sweet Lupin

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Organic Sweet Lupin

Price From: €2.95

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Perfect for improving the structure and fertility of the soil.  Certified organic seed. Available in kilos, 25kilos and packets.  More details below. Organic lupin summer green manure

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Price From: €2.95



Sow months:   3-6     1kg covers:   60m2

Organic matter forage with high protein. Fast growing N fixer.

  • They suit light sandy acid soils but will tolerate most situations.
  • Very long tap roots that dredge up minerals. (Lupins fix 25% more free nitrogen than clovers and 28% more than peas and beans).
  • The long roots also help to break up and aerate heavier soils.
  • Will increase the moisture retention properties of the soil due to the large amount of bulk produced - both leaf and root.
  • Part of the legume family.
  • Can be used for fodder.
  • Lupins produce beautiful blue/white flowers but it is best to dig it in and cut down before they flower.

How to sow green manures –

  • Prepare a reasonable seed bed.
  • Broadcast you seeds.  If you have a large area to cover it is a good idea to divide the seed and the land into 4 parts to avoid running out of seed.
  • Rake in and water if soil is dry.

Did you know -

  • The flowers are great for insects so a few could be left to flower to draw more insects into the vegetable area.


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