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Organic White Clover Medium and Large Leaf

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Organic White Clover Medium and Large Leaf

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Trifolium repens  White Clover -  Perennial.  Both medium and large leaf varieties available.  Excellent long-term green manure.  Available in kilos, 10 kilos and packs.  More details below.Organic white clover



Sow months:  3-8     Kg/ha: 10-12kg   1kg covers: 800m2

  •  N-fixer, good growth.
  • Also good for grazing and silage.
  • Is a pollen and nectar source so very good for bees.
  • Excellent long-term green manure. It has good frost tolerance and once established can last from 2-5 years.
  • Good weed suppressant as it produces a fair amount of foliage and is able to fix nitrogen.
  • White clover does not like very acidic soil but will grow down to ph 5.6.
  • Seed can be sown between March and September.  If sowing in the autumn, aim to sow by mid September.
  • A very firm seed bed is required as white clover seeds are small and benefit from shallow sowing at around 10mm

How to sow green manures –

  • Prepare a reasonable seed bed.
  • Broadcast you seeds.  If you have a large area to cover it is a good idea to divide the seed and the land into 4 parts to avoid running out of seed.
  • Rake in and water if soil is dry.

Did you know -

  • White Clover is the engine in many fields, with millions of plants working 24 hours a day.
  • It is the most flexible forage legume, providing reliable production for grazing as well as for silage.
  • Due to the large acreage grown, it is, without doubt, the most generous provider of home-grown protein underpinning soil fertility strategies for dairy, sheep and beef producers.
  • White clover has high protein content at around 27%.
  • Most nitrogen is fixed during the later stages of growth; therefore early defoliation restricts nitrogen fixation.

Click HERE to read a Teagasc document on White Clover.

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