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Peening Jig

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Peening Jig

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The jig is relatively easy to use and requires less accuracy then freehand peening.  More details below.



The easier way to peen your blade! Devised to make the art of peening more accessible to the beginner

  • Simplifies hammer sharpening of the scythe's cutting edge.
  • The edge is thinned by cold working the metal.
  • The jig is mounted into a pre-drilled block of wood.
  • The blade's edge is placed on the flat of the jig lightly touching the post
  • The red cap 1 is put over the post and the blade is worked uniformly with a hammer making a primary bevel.
  • The yellow cap 2 is then used for the finishing bevel
  • The caps are struck repeatedly with a hammer as the blade is drawn through the jig producing a line of blows near the blade edge that draws out and thins the metal. The process is repeated with the second cap, which is shaped so as to create a line of peening closer to the blade edge then the first.
  • The jig is relatively easy to use and requires less accuracy then freehand peening. It produces good results for most circumstances, and can produce excellent results with practice.

A magnifying lens is handy for examing your blade. It makes it easy to spot burrs and cracks as well as allowing you to see up-close the effect of your sharpening and peening efforts, especially when learning how to hone your blade.


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Highly recommended for beginners, almost impossible to damage your blade whereas with freehand peening you can. Don't forget to sharpen with a coarse Whetstone and then a medium or fine, I went staight to fine after peening and couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting a good edge. Review by Jamin / (Posted on 14/08/2019)
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