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Shovel with serrated edge SHW

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Shovel with serrated edge SHW

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The serrated edge on this shovel makes it excellent for cutting through roots and dividing plants. Non-slip grip at the end of the handle. More details below.



Shovel with Serrated Edges

  • Just like our standard SHW shovel but with serrated edges on the business end which make it capable of slicing through heavy soil and plant roots easily.
  • The head is wider than most typical Irish pointed shovels, so it will hold more, and the rear edges are bent up to keep loose material from falling off the rear.
  • Tempered steel recommended for heavy digging in hard soils and great for looser stuff.
  • Comes with a long ash handle (120cm total) with a non-slip grip on the end.
  • Handle easily replaced.
  • Head: 22.5cm wide by 30cm long. Overall Length: 150cm.

Dividing Plants

We got some of these shovels in for horticulturist Adrienne Kelly. She was so happy with how easily they cut through roots when dividing plants, especially hostas, that we decided to stock them.

SHW Serrated Shovel

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