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Natural Activ-Bio with Mycorrhizal Fungi

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Natural Activ-Bio with Mycorrhizal Fungi

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Natural fertilizer and soil activator, contains Mycorrhizal fungi. Available in 4kg and 25kg bags. More details below.

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Natural Activ-Bio 4kg and 25kg

 N-P-K: 7-3-7

  • A mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between a green plant and a fungus
  • Mycorrhizas are beneficial fungi growing in association with plant roots, and exist by taking sugars from plants ‘in exchange’ for moisture and nutrients gathered from the soil by the fungal strands. The mycorrhizas greatly increase the absorptive area of a plant, acting as extensions to the root system.
  • Research proves that these fungi have an extraordinary capacity to support growth, form important phytohormones and helps to reduce weather and pest related stress.
  • Plants develop a larger root system, are healthier, grow faster, have more flowers and produce higher yields.
  • Natural Activ-bio contains a large number of the Mycorrhizal fungi (Globus spp.) plus other micro-organisms as well as Vinasse (rich in Potash) and plant materials from vegetable processing.
  • Natural Activ-bio is suitable as a main fertilizer for potatoes, vegetables, roses, other flowers and lawns.

Organic residues of food production, extractsof molasses, soft ground rock phosphate micro-organisms and living mycorrhiza fungi (Glomus spp.).

Typical analysis:
Nitrogen 7%, Phosphorus 3%, Potassium7%, Magnesium 1%, Calcium 4%

Healthy soil, healthy plant.

In nature 90 % of all plants cohabit with mycorrhizae. These are useful soil fungi that form a symbiosis with the plants. They increase the reach of the roots, as it were. There is a similar cooperation with useful soil bacteria.

The absorption capacity of the roots increases by as much as 700% for this reason. It is much easier for the plants to absorb nutrients and water. And, just as important: the beneficial fungi and soil bacteria occupy the space around the roots so that pathogens have much fewer opportunities.

Mycorrhizae: nature's stress managers

Mycorrhizae occur naturally in or around the roots of nearly all plants. These useful soil fungi live in symbiosis with the plant. The cooperation is mutually advantageous: the plant feeds the useful fungi with sugars, and the mycorrhizae in turn help the plant absorb its nutrients much better in exchange for these sugars.

Since fungal threads can grow many metres from the roots and are microscopically thin, they end up in places where roots can never reach. This makes the extended root system hundreds of times greater than for plants that must make do without these auxiliaries, making it much easier for them to absorb water and nutrients.

Mycorrhiza fungi take care of the living interface between the absorbing root system and the soil biology. An ample number of scientific studies show that the presence of useful mycorrhiza fungi noticeably improves plant health. They can also make do with less fertiliser. In addition, organic fertilisers are utilised better. The mycorrhizae thereby support plant resistance; they improve growth and the crop produces more fruit of better quality.

Plants with mycorrhizae are more resistant to drought, severe temperature variations, pH changes, toxic metals and soil compacting. Mycorrhizae also ensure better soil structure due to their contribution to forming ‘soil aggregates’.

Approved for use in organic horticulture (EU2092/91 ).

Application Rate -

  • Vegetables/Potatoes 5 - 20kg / 100m²
  • Roses/Flowers 10 - 25kg / 100m²
  • Lawn 20 - 30kg / 100m²
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