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Sneeboer Stainless Steel Leaf Rake

Sneeboer Stainless Steel Leaf Rake

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This Stainless Steel Leaf Rake is a stunning tool!  These rakes are 350 grams lighter than standard versions.  More details below.



Sneeboer Stainless Steel Leaf Rake

'Elegancy, functionality, and stability' were the three criteria for the development of this new stainless steel Leaf Rake. 'The greatest challenge in the design was perfecting the exact quality and structure of the individual tines' says Jaap Sneeboer of Sneeboer tools in Holland.

  •  20 tine Leaf Rake - light-weight and strong.
  • The 25 mm diameter ash handle is specially constructed, laid on a stainless steel core and afterwards riveted with two brass rivets.
  • Can be used  to gather unwanted materials on your lawn such as leaves, but also used for cleaning paths, borders, parks, and recreational grounds.
  • A beautiful and well thought design. A joy to use. 150 cm ash handle.
  • Made in Holland

Specification -

 Width of head: 37 cm
Length of head: 27,5 cm
Length of handle: 150 cm
Total length: 178 cm
Number of spikes: 20
Length of spikes: 25 cm
Between spikes: 1,8 cm
Weight: 0,80 kg
Type of tool: Lawn Care , Leaf rakes
Function of tool: Lawn care, Raking

Leaf Mould -

  • Leaf Mould is composted leaves.
  • Once the leaves have fully rotted down, the leaf mould is a rich brown/black material ­.
  • Is very good as a mulch - even better if you put some seaweed dust down first.
  • Leaf mould contains very few plant foods, but can be used to improve soil structure.
  • It can also help to release plant foods in heavy soils and to hold onto those present in light soils, improving fertility without directly adding nutrients.
  • Leaf mould is a slow release fertilizer.

Grass Clippings -

  • Can be put on the compost heap between lavers of other material.  Careful though if you put a big pile on top it can tend to go slimy.
  • Make a very good mulch around your summer vegetables and will add organic matter to the soil.

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Highly Recommend
Quality piece, very well made,nice feel to it when using it. Review by Karl / (Posted on 30/05/2019)
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