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Yellow Sticky Traps

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Yellow Sticky Traps

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Yellow Sticky Traps have been found to be the most effective 'pesticide free' method of controlling whitefly for the amateur gardener, and they will control other flying insect pests in the greenhouse and conservatory. Set up early in the season.

10 sheets per pack.  More details below.



These yellow coloured, sticky cards attract Sciarid fly, Whitefly, Aphids, Thrips etc. in their winged stage of development. Useful tool to limit pest damage and to confirm pest type and severity of pest problem.
10 sheets 25 x 10cm per pack.

  • The traps are covered in non toxic glue and are suitable for organic crops.
  • The traps are double sided with a cover paper and includes the hangers.
  • Can also be placed in a pot or near the soil with a small stake.
  • For monitoring purposes the advised rate is 5 traps per 1,000 m².
  • When the traps are meant to give a contribution to control in hot spots (i.e. mass trapping), use at least 1 trap per 20 m², to amaximum of 1 trap per 2 m².
  • Yellow Sticky Traps can trap the adult whitefly before an infestation gets out of control.
  • Controls a range of insect pests including whitefly, greenfly, thrips an leaf miners
  • Hang them up early in the season, once plants are infested with whitefly they will only have a limited effect.
  • Change the traps at the start of each season or when half the trap is covered in insects or dust.
  • Can be used close to the ground to trap Sciarid (mushroom) flies.


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