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1 L Molybdenum foliar feed

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1 L Molybdenum foliar feed

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Provita Molybdenum liquid is a foliar feed for molybdenum supplementation. More details below.



1 L Molybdenum foliar feed Provita

Appr. for Org. Agriculture

Molybdenum is one of the 'minor' nutrients that plants require to grow normally. Provita Liquid Molybdenum (Mo) fertiliser is effective for quickly remedying deficiencies in plants. Contains 16% Mo in the form of sodium molybdate which is the best for spray applications.

Molybdenum Deficiency
Although molydenum is only required in tiny amounts, its absence can stunt plants severely. Without it plants cannot utilise nitrogen to make the proteins required for growth. Symptoms look similar to that of nitrogen deficiency with poor growth and yellowing of the leaves between the veins. The Rhizobium bacteria which occur on the roots of legumes also need molybdenum to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere and the N-fixing process will be hindered if there is a deficiency.
Crops sensitive to Mo dificiency inlclude broccoli and cauliflower with the a condition known as 'whiptail' (younger leaves are small, distorted and cholotic at the edges) occuring in the later. Lettuce is also susceptible to molybdenum deficiency.

Acid soils as well as those that are sandy or have little organic matter can lead to Mo deficiency. Increasing the pH of acidic soils by liming is usually enough to remedy the problem. Foliar feeding can insure a supply to plants until the effects of liming take place.

Foliar Feeding
200ml per ha once there is enough leaf cover to take the spray.
Spray in dry conditions before rain.
Apply once or twice in the growing season.

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