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Cuforte Copper Solution

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Cuforte Copper Solution

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CuForte is a copper spray used to support and strengthen plants, in particular fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants. Available in 1ltr and 10ltr containers. 

For fungus control use Herfomyc

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Price From: €34.75




Copper Trace Fertiliser

Copper is necessary for chlorophyll formation in plants and assists with several other plant reactions. Plants supplied with good levels of copper have stronger cell walls and are more resistant to fungal attack.  Copper deficiency is most common in sandy soils , low in organic matter content. Copper is required in very small amounts in the plant. Concentrations of 2 ppm are adequate in most cases in youngest leaves, compared to nitrogen at 25000ppm. Copper deficiency can be corrected by soil or foliar application. Copper sulphate is the most common form of copper fertilizer.

  •  Provides superior coverage and adhesion due to the ultra-fine particle size
  •  Is a stable, solvent free, copper formulation
  •  Easy to pour, mix into solution, handle and apply
  •  Active ingredient  -  380g/L copper as tribasic copper sulphate
  •  Exclusively distributed by Fruit Hill Farm
  •  Available in 1 and 10 litre containers
  •  Dilute  30ml to 5ltr water - covers 40m2. 
  •  For fruit or potatoes recommended rate is 2-3L/ha
  •  CuForte is GMO free and approved for use in organic agriculture according to EU regulation 889/200
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