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Greenvale Organic Plant Food 4.5-3-3 + 9% Calcium

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Greenvale Organic Plant Food 4.5-3-3 + 9% Calcium

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GREENVALE is a an NPK (4.5-1.3-2.5 )fertiliser approved for use on organic holdings.

Special offer -  15% discount on 10 bags. See drop-down menu.

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When out of stock try Topmix Complete or Complete Organic Fertilizer(Vegan) or Pellet 105 Organic Nitrogen Fertiliser(11-1-1)



Greenvale Plant Food

4.5-3-3 + 9% Calcium (N-P2O5-K2O)

Made from fermented free-range chicken manure it offers organic Nitrogen and a wide range of trace elements plus Calcium. The nutrients are made available to the plant roots through the activity of the soil bacteria and released steadily. 

  • With a Humus content of 76% Greenvale will make an important contribution to improving soil structure.
  • GREENVALE comes in 25kg or 4kg bags.
  • 5mm pellets - offering accurate spreading with most spreaders.
  • Encourages healthy plants that are better able to utilise nutrients and to resist the stress of pests, drought and disease.
  • Offers steady release of all major nutrients together with Calcium for pH maintenance, a broad range of trace elements and humus - a source of mineral nutrients for soil conditioning.
  • Greenvale is produced by aerobic fermentation of chicken manure from free range  chicken. Continuous laboratory controlled monitoring is maintained and recorded, ensuring a sterile, safe product..


      • POTATOES incorporate 25kg per 100m² (More potash may be needed)
      • VEGETABLES 20kg per 100m² - incorporate into the soil well before sowing/planting. Top dress with 8kg/100m² after one third of cultivation period
      • NEW LAWNS spread 150-200g/m² and rake in before sowing grass
      • LAWNS spread 100g/m² in March / repeat in June
      • ROSES add 300g at planting - top up with 250g in March and June
      • SHRUBS, FRUIT incorporate 250g Greenvale per plant into soil at planting. Top up with 300g each year in March and again in June
      • BEDS, BORDERS hoe 200g into topsoil in spring and autumn.
      • NEW GARDENS after initial cultivation work 250g/m² into soil in spring. Repeat later in the summer if needed.

Approved for use on organic holdings subject to approval from your certification body.

Special offer -  15% discount on 10 bags. See drop-down menu.

The organic Fertilizer for biological cultivation is produced from chicken manure from free-range hens from KATcertified poultry farms. The ingredients of Organic Fertilizer for biological cultivation comply with EEG regulation EEC 834/2007 and EU_889/2008 appendix IIA.

For the production and marketing of this Fertilizer, Ferm-o-Feed is monitored and inspected by Control Union Certifications under company number EU 800837. Any germs or weed seeds are killed through our special conditioner and the special process of fermentation and drying.



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quality product and service
This great product was delivered swiftly to our door saving us more time to spend growing vegetables. Great service , thank-you Review by karen / (Posted on 29/05/2019)
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