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Klasmann Organic Potting Compost/Substrate - Peat Free

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Klasmann Organic Potting Compost/Substrate - Peat Free

Price From: €11.45

Availability: In stock

Approved for use in organic production. Also for potted herbs and microgreens. EU 834/2007

Special offer -  10% discount on 10 bags. See drop-down menu.

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Price From: €11.45



Klasmann Organic Peat Free Potting Substrate

Potting Compost has a bigger particle size and is suitable for potting on plants or for transplants that have to stay longer in their pots.

Buy 10 bags - only pay for 9! See drop down menu.

  • PEAT FREE potting compost with well balanced organic nutrient supply.
  • Peat Free Potting has 55% organic ingredients and is approved for organic potted herbs and ornamental plants as well as wheatgrass and microgreen production.
  • 55%  Organic Coir (coconut) pith
  • 45%  High Quality Compost

High Quality Compost is enriched with Biodynamic preparations which ensure that micro-organism activity is stimulated. Specially added predative mites support the biological suppression of sciarid fly.

1 bag of 70L of Klasmann-Deilmann Potting Compost weighs about 25kg - a lot of compost for your money!

Klasmann-Deilmann is one of the largest substrate producers worldwide. Their organic range is certified by a German certification body (DEO21)

All substrate components comply with the regulation (EC) No 834/2007 and its detailed rules for the implementation (EC) No 889/2008,
appendix I, controlled by Grünstempel®.

TerrAktiv® green compost is from in-house production. During composting there are two treatments with biodynamic preparations.

Made in Europe

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