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Organic Black (Japanese) Oats

Organic Black (Japanese) Oats

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Black oats (Avena strigosa), also known as Japanese or bristle oats, are a useful cover crop that can also be used for forage. Deep vigorous root structure highly effective at penetrating compacted soil layers making it an ideal for heavier soils. Not to be confused with the black oats traditionally grown in Ireland which are a variation of common oats (Avena sativa). More details below.

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Sowing rate:   80-120kg/ha         1kg covers 100m2

Organic Black Oats (Avena strigosa)

Black oat is a cool season, winter annual grass that was historically grown throughout Europe on poor-marginal ground. With the crop being nearly eradicated in Europe, there's been an effort to save as much of genetic diversity that remains for this excellent crop. Black oat is now one of the most important cover crop species. Black oats are taller and have bigger leaf blades than common oat cultivars. These broader leaves allow for increased solar capture, rapid tillering and out competing weed species.

  • Scavenges nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • Good in combination with another cover crop such as vetch.
  • Makes good livestock forage.
  • Reported to have an inhibiting effect on root-knot nematodes.
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