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Naked Oats Organic

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Naked Oats Organic

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Naked oats are a great choice for the small-holder or those interested in processing this delicious and healthy grain. More details below.

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Organic Naked Oats

Naked, or hulless, oats (Avena nuda) are a high quality oat that lose their husk naturally during the normal harvesting and threshing process. Because the husk is discarded, you are left with nothing but the highly nutritious oat kernel. This crop has not been cultivated widely in Ireland partly because of its assumed lower yield compared to standard commercial oat crops. The yield of naked oat cultivars is generally 70-80% of husked cultivars. However, the indigestible husks of hulled oats are included in their yield and account for up to 25% of the weight of the grain. Considering this the kernel yields are actully comparable.

With the naked oats, the husks don't need to be needlessly transported and processed away with specialist machinery - a processing which also reduces their nutritional quality. For the small grower they make a lot of sense since they don't require the expensive machinery required to process normal oats.

Naked oats are the perfect choice if you want to roll your own oats. It is the husk on other varieties of oats which makes them unsuitable for home milling. Perfect for breakfast as porrige or in museli.

Nutritional benefits

♦  High Oil content – leads to much higher level of unsaturated fats than any other cereal. In particular, the very high linoleic acid content,(33-46% of total Fatty Acids), makes it a particularly healthy food for humans
♦  Total fibre and digestible fibre content is high, making Naked Oats a very healthy food.
♦  High content of natural anti oxidants – very useful against heart disease
♦  Lower starch levels – shown to have reduced toxicity for celiac patients
♦  Protein content (16- 20%) and quality of protein excellent (very high globulin fraction)

Potential Uses

♦  Human Food; Breakfast cereals, Pasta, Specialist Health foods, Food ingredients
♦  Horse Feed; Excellent nutrient dense feed for horses – they respond very well to the lower starch and higher oil contents. Better than conventional oats for  performing horses.
♦  Farm Animals; Excellent feedstuff for ruminant, particularly young calves and sheep because of its unique combination of high energy density, with high digestible fibre. Naked Oats has a higher level of the essential amino acids lysine, methionine and cysteine compared to either wheat or barley, making it particularly useful in pig diets.


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Couldn't be better. Will have to buy the flaker as well.
So good I look forward to oat breakfast days! Review by Crase. / (Posted on 31/08/2019)
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