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Fruit Hill Farms Orange Tree

Supporting Farming and Farmers through Crowdfarming

There has been an outbreak of irony at Fruit Hill Farm – we have become proud owners of a fruit tree! To be precise an Orange tree.  Our tree is growing on a family farm in Bétera, just north of Valencia in Spain – and most deliciously – we have just received our first crop!

How does all this work?  Well it’s all down to a concept called crowdfarming.

Crowdfarming is similar to crowdfunding. It centres around the concept of remote farmers who purchase plots of farmland or trees then are shipped the crop that their land or tree produces. 


  • Consumer receives fresh produce when they chose.
  • Products are more likely to be consumed and less likely to be wasted.
  • Consumers have a vested interest in the product.
  • Consumer interest makes it more likely that environmental and green/organic projects will attract most funding.
  • The farmer is able to sell his product to a wider market.
  • The farmer can overcome problems such as gluts or market fluctuations.
  • The farmer can plan ahead and by running interesting crowdfarming project is more likely to be successful.

Naranjas del Carmen

Brothers Gabriel and Gonzalo Urculo are  young farmers. They founded Naranjas del Carmen in 2010 while looking for a way to give life back to their grand-father’s orange orchard. Seven years later, they have a very successful crowdfarming operation. Farming at Naranjas del Carmen is pesticide/herbicide and food waste free.  Fruits are harvested daily and directly shipped  to the consumer. Naranjas del Carmen is the perfect match between traditional farming and the web world.

Naranjas del Carmen  is located in Bétera, just north of Valencia.

Oranges are not the only fruit

If oranges are not your favourite fruit, there are other plenty of other options available through Crowdfarming such as Pomegranates, Olive Tree for Olive oil, Almonds, Apricots, Cocoa and even a Vineyard!

We think this is a great way of supporting farmers whilst minimising food waste and getting delicious produce delivered to your door (or office!)



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