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Top Ten Tools for Gardeners & Growers

We stock over 300 tools from the simplest hand planter to the professional blocker and out of that we have a top ten for you to mull over. Whilst some tools on the list are newly popular, there are some that are consistent favourites with our customers over the years. Our tools are definitely for life - not just for Christmas!

10. Hand planter

Useful for planting hands but also very good for cabbages and other plug grown plants.

9. Swiss sharpener

This Swiss sharpener is small enough to fit in your pocket to make sure your shears and secateurs always have a good edge.

8. Scythe

We couldn't keep up with demand for these this summer. Cuts grass and weeds silently and efficiently whilst allowing the user to improve their skills and have a work-out at the same time.

7. Push Hoe

This push hoe has a super sharp stainless steel blade making it very good on hard ground.  Our push hoes are available in three sizes 10, 15 and 20cms.

6. Ridging Hoe

The ridging hoe is a good solid tool with a shield shaped head -  this hoe is going to make an impact wherever it is used.  Particularly suitable to break up compacted, stony soil which is common in these parts!

 5. Leaf Rake

This leaf rake is another classic from Sneeboer of Holland. Beautifully crafted from stainless steel this tool will make light work of cleaning debris from lawns and paths.

4. Copper Sirius Hoe

This is a truly stunning copper field hoe. Very light but oh so strong and sharp. The triangular head allows versatility in digging: delicate work with the point and more substantial digging with the whole head.

3. Garden Fork

The workhorse of the garden - the flat tines make it easier to turn the soil and divide plants. Perfect for digging potatoes. This garden fork is available in two sizes; small 240mm x 160mm and large 280mm x 190mm.

 2. Felco No.2

You just can't beat Felco secateurs and loppers. When it comes to pruning, Felco is the name you can trust.  They are ergonomically designed for comfort and practicality and all parts are replaceable.  This is the classic Felco model, first launched in 1948, often copied but never equaled. Once you've used Felco secateurs you won't want to go back to an inferior brand.

 1. Oscillating hoe

Finally...our most popular tool, the oscillating or stirrup hoe.  Available in three sizes - 85mm, 125mm and 175mm.  The blade (made from high tempered spring steel to stay sharp) of the oscillating hoe works parallel to the ground. Weeds are undercut by pushing/pulling the sharp blade through the top layer of the soil.  Once you've tried one of these you'll wonder how you lived without it!

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